About Moonlit Hypnosis

Our vision, our function, our passion: is storytelling – written and audio – freely available to everyone. Entirely supported by listeners. Framing a coherent and magical world featuring anthro, scalie, and monster girl/guy content throughout. Eventually, visual novels and games made to ensnare and with heavy audio components. Self-help content within a mythological framework fans of furry and monster content will be comfortable with. Meditation. Transformation. All of the themes that get you off or get you thinking or get you comfortable. We hope you will join us on the journey to solidify the world of Athene Magical College and its environs.

Creative projects funded by their listeners and readers are the future. We will build a huge library of fantasy and relaxation content with otherworldly themes, and we will do it with the help and support of people who think our project is worth doing.

An ever-growing library of erotic content and ongoing stories based on contributions from listeners and our own ideas. A living library that responds to feedback and tells the stories people want to hear.

Ideas, suggestions, fantasies which play through your mind long after the tape runs out and you’re left panting with your fur standing on end.


Our Services

We provide written stories and MP3 recordings. Many have erotic themes or are explicitly adult and sensual in nature. We release them from time to time – several a month – and patrons get early access. It might be months before a new creation rotates into general public release.

Core themes of magic, transformation, potions, meditation, and otherwordly entities are all explored. This early access model keeps us going, since if you miss a file you might miss out for a while. It also means we will listen to feedback and work with you to make what you want to see come out. After all, you know best what will tempt you into our association.

Who We Are

Silver Spruce is a fox-woman alchemist and skilled researcher. Her style and tempo are steady, professional, detached, and only very occasionally flirtatious or dangerous. She writes academic and instructional content mixed with the occasional field research study. She is played by Aurelia Alder – professional academic and the creator of Ms. Alder’s Erotic Hypnosis and Instruction at MsAlder.com.

Aine Duana is a half-dragon adventurer turned wannabe academic. Her style and tempo vary with mood. She writes visceral and earthy content. She is played by Elena McIvor, professional writer, sometime beat poet, and ongoing creative force behind eSuccubus.com + Various Other Writing Endeavors.

Welcome to the site! If you have any feedback or questions, email MoonlitHypnosis@Gmail.com

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