Aine Duana’s History

Born in a small rural village, Aine Duana spent her entire childhood in that constellation of small villages and slightly larger rural hubs. There was a magic school there, but it only taught one thing. There was no father in the picture, but it was never a big problem. Mom was there, and Mom was more than enough.

Stable as earth, graceful as air- Rhoswen Duana was the local Healer. In a place where only Calling was ever taught, Rhoswen was much in demand. You didn’t want to conjure a healing goddess for every little wound, and Calling was expensive. Not that the cost was the only determinant: sometimes you wanted a poultice and a kind word. Aine’s mother was born with pure white scales to human and draconic parents. She would never tell any of her daughters about their fathers.

Rhoswen had seven daughters, one a year from age 21 to 28. Dragon pregnancies are shorter and safer, so this was no issue. There was only one with her snow white scales, two reds, a green, a blue, a gold-hued beauty who was the oldest, and the youngest was a deep red-brown typically unseen in Welsh and Irish dragons. The fathers left. Some were alive, some weren’t, but they all meant well and left only because they had to.

Healing left them with enough food on the table, and always plenty to do, but the three story house got a bit crowded. Eventually Andi took to sneaking out and vanishing for a bit of peace and quiet.

She wanted to succeed her mother as healer – since her sisters had little interest in magic – but a genetic condition prevented the youngest dragon from casting any magic at all. She settled for doing well enough in school to pass, then playing hooky at the local magic shops. Her aunt and uncle lived out in the countryside and worked in magical fields as well, so she was immersed from a young age in a sense that her inability to cast was somehow abnormal.

Eventually, Andi found out who her father was. Eventually, she discovered at least one kind of magic she could do. She used it to help someone fix their bike, to help someone make a better potion, even to let herself use another type of magic. Then she took some of those back.

Aine spent some time as an orphan, briefly, along with her sisters. Then she wasn’t. Her habit of getting out of town became a habit of getting out of the dimension entirely. By the time she was an adult, Andi had become a seasoned otherworldly dungeoneer and had returned with numerous magical artifacts she had no idea how to use. She knew she liked hunting them down, and that it was time for a change of scenery. A tearful farewell, some promises to visit, and Andi set off for America.

Looking up an old acquaintance she was sure would not remember her, the dragon went to Athene Magical College and applied for a job. She flunked the magic exam until Spruce agreed to re-administer it, exasperated at the weepy pleas of the forward young woman who had walked in and demanded a job.

This time Andi passed, to the fox’s surprise. Alright. Job. Temporary. Probationary.

The number of saleable and useable proprietary finds brought to the university has more than earned her a permanent position, but it also means Spruce at least has to put up with her. It is in the job description now.

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