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Slowly building wolf transformation through meditative change.

In Vino, Veritas – Knowledge Retention

With a truth potion in your system, it can be tough to hold back - answers OR climax, its all the same...

Meditation Lesson 1

The basics of meditation, as a prelude to later transformation...

Sympathetic Magic

A horny fox uses magical control to link your sensory inputs and body commands to hers, and vice versa…


Silver Spruce is in heat. Usually so good at hiding it, you stumble upon her and are drafted to help…

Up in Smoke – Hookah Experiment

An enchanted hookah, a dare from Andi. You and Spruce in the artifact storage room off the library. Take it in deep and lose yourself in smoky seduction…

A Pause for Reflection

An induction which begins your journey by a rushing fountain. Reflect, and find the other side…

Edge of the Tub

Silver Spruce is not one to get into a hot bath. But indulgence takes many forms…

Mermaid and Moonlight

One form on land, another in the water, and both with a desire to float and rest...

Snow Witch’s Dungeon

A sorceress and her servants train and milk your cock dry of cum, in an icy fortress filled with heated need…

Fireside Tales Induction

Presented for the approval of the tranced listener...


Ingredient Request: Addictive cum, from the rigid cocks of two plant women in another dimension. Time for a little networking…

Mental Strength Training

I can resist everything except temptation. Train yourself to journey into mind controlling otherworlds at Andi’s side.

Field Work

A powerful plant woman is on the loose and releasing mind controlling pheromones

Lab Work

The foxy professor's research into orgasmic and endurance based magic will leave you breathless

Job Shadowing – Induction

Come into my office, as we have much to do…

Follow Me Induction

You want to shadow me? Alright, fair warning…

Smoke and Storytelling Deepener

A dragon amid the smoke begins an arousing story, and you choose where it goes from there

Introduction to Job Shadowing

Welcome to the job shadowing program...

Wish Upon a Wing

Catch a dragon, make a wish, and be careful what you wish for...

Bonds Under the Moon

Drink deeply and sink further in the arms of a wolf woman who applies a caring touch to your wearied mind.

Silk and Silence

It is easier to fascinate from out in the darkness, and the spider woman who is hunting you knows that

Pinned to The Page

A fox woman’s experiment involves linking your senses together than masturbating herself to oblivion with you tagging along

New Moon Induction

A dark, empty sky…

Full Moon Induction

You see, and feel, more by moonlight…

After Hours

Staying after work is fine, if you’re working. Get caught goofing off and ‘she’ just might have to devise a fitting punishment.

After The Party

The party itself is a bit hazy, but the warm jacket around your shoulders belongs to someone, and all your senses tell you she is waiting for you…

Begging For It

Under the eaves of a silver forest, a snake woman has fallen victim to an arousing curse…

Dragon Hot Springs

Lend a helping hand, or something else, to a dragon girl in heat.


Summoning in a mirror after dark might get you anything. Tonight a dragon appears.

Snow Spirit

A sentient and captivating storm blows in from nowhere. Salvation comes in the bosom of a sexy fox woman.

Experimentation Induction

Every experiment begins with procuring necessary materials…

Cave in the Silver Woods

An induction which presents a mysterious cave. Choose another file to follow it, and find out what is inside.

Etched Itch

Spruce’s experimental toy, driven to the edge of pleasure for experiment’s sake…

Shock and Say Ahh

Suspended, shocked, transformed, and trained by a horny catgirl with a rigid penis…

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