Alongside Andi Induction

Walk with Andi on your way home, and you could end up just about anywhere…

This is an induction, the first part of any session. A time to relax, and allow its familiarity to help you down. This particular induction is a short companionable narrative about meeting outside the gates then walking home alongside a local draconic instructor, observing her, and growing comfortable with her voice in your ear.

Create a playlist of your choosing with this as the first part, and any of Andi’s voiced files as the next part. Works great for fantasies, date files, magic lessons. There is another induction specifically for Andi’s meditations which works well for scenes in the Rock Garden.

Voiced by Aine Duana

Duration: 9:05 minutes

MP3 Download
Listen to an example of this induction used alongside a body file

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