Howl Meditation

Slowly building wolf transformation through meditative change.

Howl and give in to your desire to explore your own mind. Meditate your way to furred tail-wagging howling goodness. Find where your mind stores its fantasies, your desires, and play them out over the world. Each piece is useable on its own, or paired with the others. Choose the parts of the transformation you wish to explore.

This meditation pack includes:

Howl Introduction – Start your journey here, a reminder that you’ve fantasized about this before and will have a good starting point.

Howl Digitigrade Paws – Walking on the ball of your foot, leaned forward, poised. A feeling of vitality and precision comes with this experiment in altered form. Furred paws implied, though that is covered in more detail in another piece.

Voiced by Aine Duana

Duration varies

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