Ingredient Request: Addictive cum, from the rigid cocks of two plant women in another dimension. Time for a little networking…

Some potion ingredients are rare, found only in isolated caves and at the bottom of canyons. Others are entirely out of this world. Wandering in search of them can be dangerous, but dangerous situations often tempt a return.

You have volunteered for job shadowing with Aine Duana, and you are going to be in the thick of danger right alongside her. Beautiful feminine entities with addictive penis-like clits dripping delicious honey. What can you do to escape?

Trust your instructor, remember your training, don’t look back.

Precede it with Mental Strength Training, the Smoke and Storytelling deepener, Follow Me induction, and other parts of the Andi job shadowing path.

This file set will likely be made into a short piece of interactive fiction eventually.

Voiced by Aine Duana

Duration: 20:06 Minutes

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