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Athene Magical College

Campus: A set of three building on a side road of a much larger university, it is home to a fountain plaza and a magical library separate from the main university branch.

Tuition is about 40 percent higher than an equivalent non-magic bachelor’s degree, and courses are highly varied.

A cooperative program with the medical faculty has recently opened. A more venerable cooperative with the Engineering faculty has been going for years.

Considered an upstart next to the Calling academies, Athene has a rich history and attracts an eccentric clientele. Tailored academic programs and mature students returning to education are not unusual. Its reputation as a party school is not entirely undeserved, but its unconventional ways also attract a few strange and useful prodigies.

Student Population: 400, give or take. Numbers are on the rise.

Yearly Budget: 17 percent of campus’ operating budget

Disciplines Taught: Nature Magic, Artifice

Disciplines Under Consideration: Wish Magic (Limited Tutorials Only)

Disciplines Banned: Vows, Calling/Summoning, Thaumic Investment


Reference Librarian and Junior Instructor at Athene Magical College

Silver Spruce

Age: 29

Height: 7’0”

Weight: 273 lbs.

Body Type: Curves, curves everywhere.

Style: Academic, Curious, withdrawn about sexual matters, secretly vivacious and eager.

Appearance: Silver Spruce is a silver fox woman. The claws on her small hands are dark and well-maintained. Her fur is well-groomed and shiny. It is almost night-black in places. Large thin-framed glasses sit on the pointed tip of her muzzle. Fur covers every part of her, including a long bottle brush tail that moves expressively as her mood shifts.

She habitually wears conservative clothing, yet it stretches tight around her breasts and hips. She favors skirts, heels, and minimal accessory adornment.

Skills and Abilities

Artifice Magic: Master Class

Library, Indexing, Research Skills: Master Class

Nature Magic: Initiate Level

Calling: Apprentice Level (just enough knowledge to be dangerous)



Alchemy Certification

Potion License

Master’s Degree in Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Aether Theory


Long-suffering and intolerant of low effort, Spruce nonetheless has a patient attitude toward missteps in learning. She volunteers time for students having trouble with the material, and works tirelessly on making lessons accessible. She holds strong opinions about the proper practice of Artifice Magic. Easy to approach, but serious enough that people do not talk to her much outside of a school setting. Although, she has recently become slightly more playful, likely owing to the company of her perennial companion and faculty black sheep Aine Duana.

Intellectual, passionate about her interests, involved in faculty politics. She coordinates programs and runs the library sciences facility with a stark sense of propriety. Spruce is uncomfortable outside her areas of expertise, and can become easily flustered or embarrassed if she is not one hundred percent in control of the conversation.

As the youngest faculty member, she takes an appropriately deferential tone with the other instructors. Except the Head of Acquisitions.

Her romantic life is a relative unknown, though she would be the first to note that she and her draconic friend are NOT involved.

Other Information

Musical Taste: She won’t seek it out, but if someone else is playing music she will sing along. When a song gets stuck in her head, she hums it for days. She prefers podcasts for her working background noise. At double speed.

Childhood: No romances, lots of books, a brief stint as a runaway.

Spellcasting Style: Traditional. Some unnecessary flourishes because people have always done it that way. Uncomfortable with nature magic, but working hard to be better at it. Uncomfortable with Calling, Wish Magic, and Thaumic Investment – and has decided to stay away from them. She can reproduce movements and diagrams perfectly at all times, and loves multi-purpose spellcasting tools.

Nicknames: Pretends not to notice when Andi calls her by nicknames, secretly hates it.


Head of Acquisitions at Athene Magical College

Aine Duana


When she is uncomfortable, Andi works hard to make other people even more so. She dresses in skimpy clothing and will discomfit with lust or aggression as her first power play when threatened. She is otherwise amiable enough. Hedonistic – lover of baths and rich food and time to think – she nonetheless has no trouble roughing it when the need arises. She’ll just grumble and dive for creature comforts as soon as they become available. If found in the right mood, she is known to teach the same meditation that calmed down her wild side as an unruly teen.

Age: 27

Height: 5’7.5”

Weight: 113 lbs.

Body Type: Flat up top, bountiful below.

Style: Energetic, inappropriate, enthusiastic. Secretly calm, calculating and reflective.

Appearance: Aine Duana claims obvious draconic heritage. Long scaled tail, brown-red scales all over her body in fact. She has long dark hair and full lips. Her breasts are barely-there on an almost completely flat chest. Her curved hips and sizable butt make for an interesting contrast. Certain features belie a claim of pure dragon heritage – notably her ability to shapeshift, retract her claws, and conceal or reveal the swept-back ram like horns on top of her head. She has a pair of tattered wings and claws on her scaled feet as well.

Her body temperature is naturally very high. Accordingly she wears summer clothing in all seasons. The dragon seldom wears shoes. When required to dress up she will sometimes don a suit jacket and a skirt, but is more likely to be found in comfortable breathable fabrics. Seldom skirts, often revealing shorts. On campus or immediately after work, she concedes to decency with tight jeans and midriff baring t-shirts.

Skills and Abilities

Wish Magic: Master Class

Calling Magic: Genetically Vulnerable.

All Other Magic: Genetically Incapable

Investigative and minor medical experience.

Knowledge of field and herbal remedies, and which ones work.

Considerable survival experience.

Can sense magic in all forms, and observe it without tools. Usually can’t do anything about it.



Magical: License to use wish magic with quite a few caveats. Claims to have a hand written and notarized card from the Licensing Office which says “Don’t Make Us Regret This”.

Academic: Unspecified degree. If asked she will say she “went all the way”.

St. John’s Ambulance First Aid Course

With a sense of responsibility and a code of rigid promise-keeping, she uses her carefree attitude as a smokescreen to keep people at a distance.

She is a romantic. Though she often uses flirtation as a tool, she would be thrown off guard if someone flirted back at her in response. She loves getting a rise out of people when they make it obvious that it is possible.

Other Information

Musical Taste: Everything and anything and she’ll tell you all about it at length.

Childhood: Too many romances, not enough books, a brief stint as an orphan.

Spellcasting Style: Sloppy. Lazy. Worried. Anxious. Trying to hide it. No traditional training.

Nicknames: Pretends not to notice when Spruce calls her by her full name, secretly hates it.


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